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Hi, I'm Roberto!

I celebrate wedding ceremonies in the beautiful Lake Como for couples looking for more on their wedding day. More than simply an officiant.
More like a friend, a shoulder to lean on. I will give you a ceremony so special that it speaks to your souls, and we will have fun doing it!

I am always available to share thoughts with you, either by email or phone, and, of course, meet you anytime you desire. I will create a ceremony that will reflect your personal journey.

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About me

It all starts here

Right now, you’re at the beginning of the adventure of planning your dream wedding. Congratulations! Now the time, and the decisions, are going to fly by, and before you notice it you will be at the end of the aisle, looking into each other’s eyes. And I will be right there to support you both as you laugh, cry, and love. This is a moment, a day, you’re going to remember for the rest of your lives. And it all starts here.

People often ask me how I came to be a celebrant. The truth is pretty simple: marrying people is one of the most authentically wonderful experiences out there, and that is what I live for.

We’ll find the perfect ceremony style to suit you

But there’s more to being a celebrant than just crafting the perfect moment.
I perform Symbolic, Civil, Religious, Spiritual, or Interfaith Ceremonies, Elopements, Unity Ceremonies, or Renewal of Vows. We will find the perfect ceremony style to suit you.

Let’s get you married!


I'm a Celebrant, not just an Officiant!

You will notice on my website that I use the term celebrant instead of officiant. Officiant is a term for anyone who directs a service or ceremony like a wedding, naming/blessing, or funeral. This is often a religious leader. 
When I think of an officiant, I think of someone who has a script (or maybe a choice of three) that they plug your names into. They show up ten minutes before the ceremony, perform their part, and sign any documents they have to.

I define myself as a master co-creator and performer of ceremonies that reflect the needs and beli
efs of the people I'm honoring.
I meet with each client for a free consultation, gather information through questionnaires, and I offer unlimited calls and emails during the creation process.
I coordinate with any other people of importance to make sure everything goes smoothly, and I will generally show up 45 minutes to an hour early to make sure there are no last-minute questions and to be ready for any change.

I take the time to get to know my clients, and listen to their desires and fears around the ceremony; I give them the possibility to feel their true feelings around the ceremony, which gives them such relief. They sit in a consultation or I see them on the day of their wedding and I notice their shoulders relax and their breathing calm because they know they have been listened to. 



Availability Request

If you want to make a booking request for your wedding day, please fill out this form. I will reply within a couple of days.

Thank you!

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